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Mixology Cocktail Infusions

Adult "Capri Sun" Style Slush Drink - Strawberry Peach Cosmopoliton

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Mixology Cocktail Infusions uses artisan spice blends with dried fruits to make wine slush mixes that come in these pouches! You just supply the wine! Each comes with a straw & attached recipe card. 

Each pouch has carefully pre-measured dry wine mix in it, all you do is add your booze! Can be enjoyed frozen as a slushy or just from the fridge. These EXPAND bigger when made.

Don’t want the alcohol? These can be served without booze! Just blend our mixes in a sugar-free juice or lemonade and water. We recommend sugar-free because there’s already sugar in the mixes. White grape juice also works well.

Recommended mix: White Wine, Vodka or White Rum

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